PacBrake Exhaust Brake, Dodge/Cummins 1998.5-02 C44074 Manual Transmission

PacBrake Exhaust Brake, Dodge/Cummins 1998.5-02 C44074 Manual Transmission


DirectMount 4" PRXB Exhaust Brake Kit
MAX FLOW Design (Air Actuated).
Comes with Air Tank, Hose & Accessories.

Exhaust size: STOCK

Manual Transmission Only

NOTE: ALL 1994-2002 trucks with 4" aftermarket exhaust system with HX/HY35 turbo require an addition adapter C11342. Trucks equipped with an aftermarket turbo other than HX/HY35, contact 866-737-4966

**See Notes Below For Application Items Needed**


With over a quarter of a million exhaust brakes manufactured and sold, Pacbrake has mastered quality product development. Being home to the only exhaust brake on the market with a true variable orifice, remarkable constant backpressure and strongest braking horsepower, Pacbrake has revolutionized modern day exhaust braking with its patented design of the PRXB.

In order to have consistent and effective braking over the entire RPM range, it is important (and necessary) to maintain constant backpressure. To achieve this, Pacbrake’s patented design has incorporated an additional waste gate on the butterfly valve to regulate the amount of exhaust flow that is being passed through. The flow is controlled by a spring-loaded arm, whose pressure rating and location are key factors in the functionality of the PRXB. Located outside of the housing and away from the heat, the spring is able to maintain its strength and durability for years of proper and precise braking performance.

**1998.5 REQUIRED part # C14004 ECM Bypass for Throttle Pedal**

**1999-02 optional ECM Bypass part # C12015** Reduces lag time when brake is engaged

**Optional stalk style switch part # C18041**