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Service Repair Manual,...
Description This is the Cummins OEM Engine service manual for 2003-2007. This manual is for the engine only and not the vehicle. Also includes the service manual on CD-Rom.
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Tester, Fuel Injector ...
Description This is the test tool used to block fuel off at the rail to the injector on 5.9L common rail engine.
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Turbo Repair Kit, Hols...
DescriptionTurbo repair kit for HY35W. Includes bearings and seals. Will not fit 2004.5-up.
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Vacuum Pump, Jacobs Br...
Description This vacuum pump fits 2003-07 Dodge/Cummins vehicle equipped with the Jacobs Exhaust Brake System.
$523.43 $395.99
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Valve Cover Conversion...
Description Valve cover conversion harness. Lets you convert your 2006-up Dodge/Cummins 6-pin injector connectors over to 2003-2005 style 4-pin square connectors without cutting and splicing wires. This is a plug...
$129.95 $99.95
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Valve Cover Gasket/Har...
Description This valve cover gasket/injector wiring harness fits 2006-07 5.9L and 2007.5-16 6.7L.
$141.53 $127.84
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Valve Cover, Dodge 200...
Description Valve cover fits 2006-07 Dodge/Cummins 5.9L applications. This valve cover comes with internal breather made into valve cover. Breather cannot be purchased by itself.
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Valvoline Premium Blue...
Description *SHIPS UPS GROUND ONLY* Endorsed and Recommended by Cummins Engine Company. Valvoline Premium Blue Extreme Full Synthetic 5W-40 is the perfect engine oil for any Cummins/Dodge applications.  Valvoline™ Premium...
$39.95 $29.95
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Wastegate Control Sole...
Description Wastegate control solenoid that fit 2004.5-07 Dodge/Cummins applications. Mounts in the turbocharger.
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