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03-05 Cummins ISBe Roc...
Description Fits 2003-2005 Cummins/Dodge rocker box. **Can be used to convert 2006-up Cummins/Dodge over to 03-05 style rocker box**
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2006-up Rocker/Valve C...
Description We put together a kit of the parts needed to convert your 2006-up 5.9L/6.7L Cummins/Dodge over to the 2003-2005 rocker box/valve cover setup. This can be used to make...
$499.95 $449.95
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Banjo Washer 12mm
Description12mm banjo washer-Quantity (1) Picture shows 2 but price is per washer.
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Belt, 2003-07 Cummins ...
Description Belt only fits 2003-07 5.9L Dodge/Cummins equipped vehicles the Jacobs Exhaust Brake.
$70.50 $56.70
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Block Heater Cord, 98....
Description Block heater cord only (1998.5-2007 Dodge/Cummins) Heater element available
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Block Heater,Dodge 98....
DescriptionBlock heater element only (1998.5-2007 Cummins) Cord available
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Breather Cover, Dodge/...
This plastic cover fits on the valve cover and covers the crankcase breather on 2003-05 Dodge/Cummins 5.9L applications.
$142.43 $118.29
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Breather Filter, Repla...
Description Replacement filter for Hoesli Diesel catch can kit.
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Cam/Crank Sensor, Cumm...
Description Cam/Crank sensor for 2006-17 Cummins/Dodge applications. Fits 5.9L and 6.7L 2006 and UP.
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Cascade Overflow Valve...
Description Cascade overflow valve for 2003-07 Cummins/Dodge applications. Mounts in the CP3 fuel injection pump.
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Check Valve, Cummins I...
Description Injector return line check valve. It is item #6 in picture. Installs in the back of the cylinder head. Requires 1) 3963988 and 1) 3963983.
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Cold Air Intake for 20...
Description Breathe easy. Your engine & warranty are protected.SM Add power and fun while still protecting your investment. Amazing airflow and engine protection. This intake offers an astonishing 50.6% increase...
$299.99 $289.99
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