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2006-up Rocker/Valve C...
Description We put together a kit of the parts needed to convert your 2006-up 5.9L/6.7L Cummins/Dodge over to the 2003-2005 rocker box/valve cover setup. This can be used to make...
$659.00 $589.00
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Banjo Washer 12mm
Description12mm banjo washer-Quantity (1) Picture shows 2 but price is per washer.
$3.77 $3.09
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Breather Cover RAM 6.7...
This is a Genuine Cummins breather cover to fit your 2007.5-2012 Dodge Ram Cummins engine. This is the upper breather cover only. Can work on 2013 and up 6.7L with...
$223.38 $183.92
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Breather Filter, Repla...
Description Replacement filter for Hoesli Diesel catch can kit.
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Cam/Crank Sensor, Cumm...
Description Cam/Crank sensor for 2006-17 Cummins/Dodge applications. Fits 5.9L and 6.7L 2006 and UP. *New Part Number 5594275NX*
$51.05 $45.89
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Crankcase Pressure Sen...
Description Crankcase pressure sensor for 2007.5-17 Cummins/Dodge applications. Mounts in the valve cover.
$115.82 $94.83
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EGR Exhaust Temp Senso...
Description EGR Exhaust temp sensor for 2007.5-17 Cummins/Dodge
$79.92 $65.81
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Fan Hub Bearing 1989-2...
DescriptionFan hub bearing for 1989-2011 Cummins/Dodge 5.9L/6.7L engines. Bearing only included. Fits in fan hub bracket. Fits 1989-1993, 1994-1998, 1998.5-2002, 2003-2007, 2007.5-2011. Cummins part # 3910739. Dodge part # 4429639....
$99.00 $63.90
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Fuel Filter, Dodge/Cum...
Description Filter cartridge kit only for 2007.5-2009 6.7L Dodge/Cummins applications. Does NOT include outer shell. If you want the shell and cartridge, order part # FS43257.
$113.82 $65.10
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Fuel Filter,Cummins/Do...
Description Complete Filter (shell and cartridge) For normal filter service for 2007.5-2009 Dodge/Cummins 6.7L. FS43258 filter cartridge is also available without the shell.
$82.06 $46.94
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Fuel Rail Manifold, Cu...
Description Fuel rail manifold for 2007.5-12 6.7L Cummins/Dodge applications. Includes sensor and relief valve.
$741.53 $591.26
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Injector Connector Tub...
Description Injector connector tube for 2003-17 Cummins/Dodge applications. Connects between the injector in the head and the fuel line. Includes the o-ring.
$67.88 $54.13
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